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The Zepter Buzzer is a remote control that works interactively with the digital Zepter wireless thermal controller connects and alerts you as soon as the set Cooking temperature has been reached or the set time has passed.

The Zepter Buzzer is your personal “cook messenger” that you within 30 meters Range is always alerted when your intervention or your presence
is needed.
Zepter turns cooking into art and pleasure.

Zepter introduces you to an innovation, the future of cooking in just a moment. So far, it has not been possible to leave the kitchen during the cooking process. Now you can even leave the house because your presence is no longer necessary for the cooking process.

This unique, patented system, which is used worldwide and produced in our own Zepter factories in Italy, Germany and Switzerland, works with completely interactive settings so that the Digital Zepter radio devices can communicate with each other and a fully automated cooking process is created, so that you can use your free time for what is really important to you.

The digital Zepter wireless thermal controller can be connected interactively with the Zepter remote control ("Zepter Buzzer") and the Zepter wireless induction cooker and thus offers a fully automated, effortless and innovative way of preparing healthy food for a better and longer life.

As soon as the Smart System has been programmed, it keeps the set cooking temperature and time and switches off automatically as soon as the cooking process has ended.

The SMART SERIES ZEPTER "MASTERPIECE COOKART" enables you to prepare healthy food with little effort in a highly innovative and intelligent way.
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